Letting it All Hangout (Together a Little Bit) / by Heather Kapplow

Hello! It feels like it's been awhile since I've written to you, but I guess it's just been about the usual one-month gap. I hope you've enjoyed the Summer. I feel like I've almost missed it but now that I've realized this, I'm grabbing onto its last little shreds very tightly and hanging on, hoping to squeeze what I can of sun and beach and forest smells out of it.

Speaking of forest smells, I've just come from de-installing the data collecting elements of Eau D'Wilderness Grove. They were meant to be in place a bit longer, but some spiders and some people were lightly vandalizing them in a way that made them difficult for people to interact with so I pulled them down a day or two early. I've begun the data analysis phase already, and should be able to start the perfuming process towards mid- or late- September.

What else is up? I'm hard at work on three major projects, all of which are in states that feel uncomfortably underdone at the moment, but all of which I'm sure (gulp) will come together properly by the time they have to. I'm trying to keep in mind some words of cooking wisdom that a chefly friend imparted to me after tasting a chili-in-progress of mine once: "Everything you want is in there in the right amounts, you just have to let it all hangout together a little bit." Right now I feel like I'm letting it all hang out over the edge of a cliff, but I'm taking long, slow metaphorical deep breaths.

Here's what's in the pot right now for Sept/Oct/Nov, in order of when it's happening. (Bullet points. Sorry in advance.)

  • Short (like micro) performance at this. (And possibly another longer performance elsewhere the same night...)
  • Ovation, a piece I proposed for a large public event last year looks like it's going to happen for the same event this year, but on a larger scale. Stay tuned for an update on this soon.
  • The outcome of my work as an "artist-ethnographer" for the city of Boston will be presented publicly in some way.
  • The perfume component of Eau D'Wilderness Grove will be completed/presented somehow.
  • I've got a tiny (video!!) piece in a drawing show.
  • WATER, a whole big multi media thing I'm making is in the works for this.
  • And I have a video I'm still working on in another part of the same show.

Everything is partially cooked, and it feels like an awful lot to have on the stove plus various bits of work-work as well, but I'm grateful for it all and hoping on all of my in-breaths that I don't burn anything!

After November, I have plenty of ideas for next things, but may take a little break before implementing them.

Photo of the day is a detail of WATER. It's some tap water from Dusseldorf, DE.