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Speaking on Art Week Boston Panel: Change, Connection and Community

This is a technology town complicit in promoting the culture of technology, which relies on a plastic real. We are all in love with our small, circumscribed screens, often to the exclusion of anything and anyone else. What is happening to human connection, people facing and touching each other, vulnerable and flawed, at a time when more empathy, not less, is needed? It is by identifying and seeing beyond ourselves that we cultivate our personal humanity. In our love of the machine, do we become more or less humane? And the biggest question of all: What is it that makes us human?

Creator and Moderator: Dr. Barbara Lewis, Director, The Trotter Institute, UMass Boston

Panelists: Lisa Link, Blanca Bonilla, and Heather Kapplow

This event is a part of Art Week Boston and co-presented by Franklin Park Art Grove, The William Trotter Institute at UMASS Boston, Boston Cultural Council, Franklin Park Coalition, and Boston Art Commission.