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"Feelings" Closing Party

  • Door 3 Gallery 351 Broadway Cambridge, MA, 02139 United States (map)

Bathrooms are unique spaces where many societal norms are put on pause. We use them without regret—degrading their every orifice and surface with abandon—though normally we avoid explicitly using things without giving something in return. Bathrooms are places where we feel comfortable letting our guard down along with our pants and where we often experience some of the most sublime moments of release that we are capable of.

If you pause in the process of using this space—set aside its utilitarian function and begin to appreciate the nature of the space in and of itself, you might recognize that you have been contributing to a very temple-like environment whenever you have flushed your offerings back towards the sea from whence we most likely all originated.

For the month of May, 2014, space whisperer Liz Nofziger and neurolinguistic acrobat Heather Kapplow explore and invite you to explore the surfaces and interior machinations of Broadway Bicycle School's most private and magical chamber.

Both ladies have done thorough explorations of similar rooms independently in the past and now bring their collective force (not witnessed publicly since May 2, 2010) to bear on this worthy subject.

Their installation Feelings has already been in place for an indeterminate amount of time and will continue to evolve throughout the month, culminating (but not necessarily peaking) in a rousing closing event on Thursday, May 29th from 7pm until 9pm.