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"Mothers Walk"


Are you a mother, or have you ever been a mother? Would you like to walk, with other mothers? With no specific goal except being visible, and feeling connected to the state of motherhood together?

As part of Transactions II, Jimena Bermejo and I will be leading a thoughtful, intentional pacing of the Mother’s Walk in the Rose Kennedy Greenway, in downtown Boston.

Starting at noon, with a ritual spreading of rose petals, mothers dressed in white will walk together silently performing a sequence of gestures, paying tribute to a long international history of mothers who have participated in public demonstrations of grief or resistance.

There are many issues that should bring mothers together these days:

Separation of families at borders

Inadequate family leave and other workplace discrimination against mothers

Domestic abuse

Mothers struggling with homelessness, in the prison system, or parenting while managing a health issue (including substance abuse)

Parenting children of color in an age where there is not full recognition that Black Lives Matter

Moms who have lost their children or who live in fear of doing so in the age of rampant school shootings and high rates of suicide

Mistreatment of the environment, jeopardizing the health and wellbeing of a next generation

We’re inviting you to honor, and be with the seriousness of all of these issues.

On September 23, dress in all-white and meet us near the sign for the Rose Kennedy Greenway's “Mother’s Walk” at noon. This is right next to the fountain, closer to the Aquarium T stop than to South Station. There will docents with maps along the Greenway to help you find us.

We will gather and set our intention together at 12, and then proceed along the Mother’s Walk, pacing as we each can, until we need to leave and be somewhere, or feel moved to stop. You are also welcome to wear white and join in anytime up until 5pm if you are not able to begin the walk with us at noon. Questions? Contact Jimena AT