Where Nothing Overt Happens / by Heather Kapplow

Last day of July...it has been an exciting month. But again I'm too swamped to go into detail, so here's the quickie version of what's up: I finished the Residency for Artists on Hiatus a tiny bit early (July 23) because I had too much going on to go to the end of July. I still owe a final report, but you can read something approximating that here. Even before I finished that, I was involved in an intensive non-art project called Catfishing, which I won't link to here yet because I'm still trying to process how I feel about it. But it was challenging and interesting in several ways, not the least of which was coming to terms with making work where nothing overt happens.

In a somewhat similar vein, now that I'm reflecting on it, I'm currently showing a very rare (for me) piece of "on the wall" art at AMP Gallery in Provincetown, MA. It's a series of photographs documenting my environment during what was essentially a private performance.

I'm also working now on two projects for the City of Boston. The first is next week, and is scent based. The second is happening already and will continue through early October: I've been hired as an "Artist-Ethnographer" to document/interpret/respond to a city-wide process that will reshape the region's art programming and cultural focus.

AND I'm working (but haven't been much) on two projects for a gallery in Ohio, one is a video based, the other collective-engagement. I'm behind schedule on both.

Plus I just pulled off a cool but otherwise unsuccessful fundraiser event for a film that I want to see finished, and have a video (made earlier this year) in a show coming up in October as well. More detail on all of this soon. Meanwhile, here is an image is from the fundraiser, where again, nothing overt happened. It's me holding a lamp blindfolded for writer Eileen Myles during a "seance" meant to bring in some support for The Ladies Almanack film project...