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"Weather Shmether" on STROBE NETWORK

I've done some very experimental journalism which will be presented as a part of the very experimental broadcasting network STROBE from June 13-21. During this time, the STROBE Network will stream around the clock and host studio audiences for live tapings on select evenings at its sound stage in the Flux Factory gallery in Long Island City, NY. Off­site spaces will host viewing parties and Strobe TV Toilet Viewing Stations will operate at several TBD locations.

STROBE Network is a temporary broadcast network that will air via a digital streaming platform, featuring artworks that make use of broadcast as an artistic medium. Streaming 24/7 for nine days, STROBE Network will feature video art, performance, animation, talk shows, music, and archival materials. STROBE Network will create and distribute an alternate reality version of mass culture that is free, conscious, experimental, and uncensored.

Watch the STROBE Network live online at from June 13-21, or join the project's Facebook event to find out about live taping events and viewing parties or Toilet Viewing Station near you.