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"Crack Us Open" in Altarations at Dorchester Art Project

(Photo credit:  Lani Asuncion )

(Photo credit: Lani Asuncion)

Evolving over the course of the exhibition, Crack Us Open incorporates performance, magical action, text, things in the gallery and things in the immediate neighborhood to achieve a private goal and a public goal simultaneously.

About Altarations: A shrine is a sacred place or object. It can be religious, cultural, personal, political, public or private, dedicated to one deity or concept or person or event, or exist with a multitude of meanings and devotions. It can be deliberately created as a sacred place or object, or the object can evolve to be designated as sacred. It can be dedicated to the memory of the past, or represent a hope for the present or future.

The show will function as a collective shrine, made up of our individual definitions and expressions of this vast topic. What do we find holy? As a society we are lacking a common mythology to give our lives spiritual meaning. We all find different ways to fill this void, often coming from our family traditions but filtered through time and place. It is our intent to celebrate the myriad fashions of shrining by showing them together in one space.

We are elated to present a total of 56 artists involved with this show. We will be exhibiting painting, photography, sculpture, performance art, video, collections of objects from people's personal collections, and everything in between.

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