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Hello. You have reached a website focused on the artistic practices of Heather Kapplow. If you are looking to learn more about me for more professional purposes, maybe head over to my LinkedIn page, or, if you're looking for a collection of my art writing, it's here.

To learn about what I'm doing right now or next, see my events page, and if you'd like to read sporadic ramblings about my process, I have a blog that I am usually woefully behind at updating.

At some point I will write a formal artist statement and put it here like you're supposed to.

For now, since I've given short synopses of every individual project's motivations throughout the site so you'll understand why I've done everything I'm presenting here, I'm just using this opportunity to share the most recent things people have said about my art-making that made me feel proud/like I'm on the right track/or made me blush.

"I'm completely humbled by your way of thinking, sensing and working. I haven't known you that long but I feel some kind of faith in you..... somehow ..... as first a person and also as an artist."

"I really liked the way that you made your piece. It was so quiet and gentle. I didn't know for a long time whether you were making an art piece or just being with me and hearing about my favorite kind of cake. I still don't know, but the thing you baked with the pears and the cardamom butter-carmel—I loved it! It was as good as the banana cake. It was so good!"

"Heather plays with concepts gleaned from the everyday and turns them on their head to help her audiences see anew conditions and contradictions implicit in existing realities. Her work is critical without being negative, opinionated without being didactic. She has become one of my favorite contemporary artists."

"That was the closest encounter I've ever had with a goose. It was thrilling!"