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Two Works Included in Резиденция Чайного Гриба Комбуча-Достоевский

Still from  I Think I Know Something But I Don’t Know What It Is  (Video, 2019.)

Still from I Think I Know Something But I Don’t Know What It Is (Video, 2019.)

Two works of mine, Singing Mushroom Cloud (sculpture and sound installation) and I Think I Know Something But I Don’t Know What It Is (video) are included in Резиденция Чайного Гриба Комбуча-Достоевский at Ok16 from September 19 - October 20, 2019. Facebook event.

[Google Translate Exhibition Description: Who invents the future? Scientists and artists. Usually they do it separately, but when they come together, there is sign art.

Throughout the summer, 11 teams of authors from Belarus, Russia, Lithuania and the USA worked in the science art laboratory of the OK16 cultural hub. It would seem that new artists and scientists can find in ... mushrooms? In fact, the study of the secrets of these organisms, which, according to recent studies, is much closer to animals than to plants, is the latest trend in world science. Mushrooms and their secret underground networks are studied not only by biologists, but also by chemists, physicists, engineers, political scientists and even philosophers, based on them they create new computer networks and building materials, and artists interpret these discoveries in their works. You can see what mushrooms can tell about our future at the exhibition, which will be held in OK16 from September 19 to October 20. Within the framework of the exhibition, you will find scientific and art lectures,

The exhibition features sculptures, installations, symphonies, films and videos in the art of genre. The exhibition will include live performances, lectures, as well as a conference and hackathon on non-state participation in advanced space research, and there will even be a satellite design laboratory. The space direction is supported by NASA's Advanced Development Division. The residence takes place for the second summer in a row, but for the first time it is dedicated to art art. The exhibition will take place in the new “Film” space OK16, the entrance is right from the Oktyabrskaya near the white marble sculpture “Kiss”.]

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