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"NO RUSE" Installation and Opening

  • 80 Border St Boston, MA, 02128 United States (map)

Join us for an installation and opening party for the exhibition/conceptual art project NO RUSE from 2pm to 4pm on January 11, 2015. As part of the event will occur outdoors, please dress accordingly. Friends and family are welcome, and warm drinks/light snacks will be provided.

NO RUSE is a show about not knowing whether something being held onto is a blessing or a burden, and about letting go of things before knowing which is the case. It tries to acknowledge the essence of something's potential importance without any commitment to it. A ruse is a clever trick—like the spell something casts on you when you make space for it in your life. But its origin is a French word referencing the unpredictable path taken by fleeing game—something eluding capture. The show title also plays phonic tribute to Naw Ruz, a Persian new year celebration that emphasizes letting go of the old and making way for the new...

NO RUSE features contributions from:

Andrew Abrahamson (US), Dirk Adams (US), Craig Deppen Auge (US), Louise Barry (US), Hannah Burr (US), Ashley Billingsley (US), Marie-Hélène Doré (CA), Richard Dorff (US), Michael J. Epstein (US) Isa, Oona & Goertz Friederichs (US), Nolan Fedorow (US), Melissa Nussbaum Freeman (US), Danielle Freiman (US), Brian Christopher Glaser (US), Cydney Gottlieb (US), David Ingenthron (US), Sara M. Ingram (US), Maura Jasper (US), Heather Kapplow (US), Carolyn Lewenberg (US), Ernie Kim (US), Debbie Nadolney (US), Liz Nofziger (US), Midori Okuyama (US), Ted Ollier (US), Klaus Pinter (AT), Sarah Rushford (US), Rebecca Sittler (US), Jan Willett (US).