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"Cropdust" Included in Garden in The Air: Plots & Prophecies

In August 2017, Datscha Radio will return to its homestead in a Berlin allotment garden for “Plots and Prophecies,” a five-day radio art garden festival celebrating matter, soil and sound, and investigating pending issues in contemporary ecology, bionics and artistic strategies.

Datscha Radio’s 2017 programme spans from Berlin’s urban garden politics to intimate conversations with plants; from horticulture to porticulture; from bees and birds to barbeque; from rotting matter to poetic remnants. We’ll have a taste of fish(dung)-grown tomatoes, examine greening practices and stick our microphones into the rich soil to report on slug wars and root panels. We’ll talk to skydiving earthworms and gardeners from the community alike.

24 hours a day, for 5 days, from August 25th at 12pm until midnight on August 29th, 2017, we will broadcast live from a Pankow "Schrebergarden" – come rain or shine!

Datscha Radio is created by gardeners, sound artists and guests.
Datscha Radio is free, non-commercial, and open to everyone.
Datscha Radio is dedicated to intuitive performance, music and radio art.
Datscha Radio links the site of the garden to the world.

Datscha Radio will be broadcasting/streaming on 88.4 FM in the Berlin area & 90.7 FM in Potsdam (selected times, day and night) and worldwide on, as well as in collaboration with other radio stations and projects (see our Facebook page or website for an up-to-date list and our broadcast schedule.)

If you want to host a listening party in your garden, please reach out to us about our International Garden Listening Club!