Doing, Not Doing / by Heather Kapplow

Let's see… It's a rainy November evening... I've spent a lot of my art time this week writing (big surprise) and a little bit of it sketching and working on video.

Here's what's in progress:

I'm in the midst of creating a new and improved (or actually more distorted than improved…) edit of my super short film/interactive object La Mechanique Des Fluides for inclusion in a show in Munich in late-November/December. Will post show announcement as soon as the gallery's website features the exhibit.  

Liz Nofziger and I are at it again, this time assembling a wacky curatorial-art project (with an open call for submissions if you're interested) called NO RUSE and slated to occur in the first week of January 2015. The project focuses on the ability to let go of something that you have been holding on to, without knowing whether the thing is a blessing or a burden before doing so. We are trying to get at a form of acknowledgement of the essence of a (any) thing's potential importance without committing to realizing it. Valuing and celebrating things for their potential rather than their success or failure in reaching it. That's as much as I can say right now, except that the project has a slight Persian influence. But I'll add an update here before it happens.

Also up to my knees in a project that I'm developing with Andi Sutton for presentation at the 2015 Boston Does Boston show. Also in January, and I will also post an announcement for this when the gallery website begins to feature it. This piece, which combines interactive sculpture, sound and some texts, and which is tentatively called LGR, explores what is maybe kind of the flip side of what NO RUSE is thinking about: things that are gone because we were not attached to them. Again, I feel like I shouldn't say much more, but I'll update this post with some work in progress pictures within the next 2 weeks when we begin the sculptural part of things.

Oh, finally, after all of this doing in December and January, I'm going to be not doing quite a bit, starting in February. I was selected to be an artist in residence in the (virtual) RFAOH program and have agreed not to make art for six months, from February 2015 - July 2015. But of course what I'll be exploring during this residency is whether it is even possible for me not to make art. So it should be interesting. During that period, I'll probably just replicate my blog posts for them in here.
That's it for now. Except here's my very first sketch of a potential logo for the LGR project (which will need a logo.) It doesn't even have the letters on it yet. Still looking for the right font...