Mini (but not short) Update / by Heather Kapplow

Hello! Sorry for the long gap in writing. Originally my excuse was that I had a couple of things in the works and was waiting to see how they shook down before writing here so that it could be kind of an announcementy post. Then while I waited, I got overwhelmed with work-work that I was trying to wrap up before doing some traveling. And now I'm traveling and haven't written because of that....

I'm still traveling for another day or so—I've been in South Korea visiting friends and doing just the tiniest bit of cultural journalism, along with some more routine work-work that I brought with me. But after a few days of minimal email access, I've gotten updates on several things that were in play so thought I'd pass them along.

In September, I submitted a proposal to produce the "extremely low budget audio project" that I mentioned in my last update at an arts festival in Boston called Illuminus. It was modified for an outdoor setting, included a supercool lighting element that was not a part of the original idea, and pitched in collaboration with the fabulous Liz Nofziger. The good news is that it was selected as a finalist in the competition, but then (as I understand it—I'm still foggy on the details as it was Liz who had the last conversation with them due to my absence,) the spaces all got shifted around due do zoning or permitting issues and the two spaces that we had proposed for the piece were no longer available. The whole festival was moved into one space, and because our piece was motion sensitive, it would have been constantly triggered and basically wouldn't work. Anyway, the festival seems like it will be a cool thing even without our participation (heh heh) and it was really nice to get such a strong positive response about the proposal from the Illuminus team.

To complete the ongoing theme of things that fell through, I have heard nothing further about the show that I was invited to participate in in Berlin, but it was slated for October, so I'm assuming it (or at least my participation in it) is not happening.

But the good news is that I've been invited to participate in a Boston show in January that I'm excited about and simultaneously have been offered a very unusual online residency. These two things are actually a little bit in conflict with one another, so I'll go into more detail once I've sorted out the details, but I just wanted to end this post on a positive note. Oh, also I'll end it with a little bit of Korean art.


This is a detail of Aubade III by Korean artist Lee Bull. It was one of several really cool arts I've seen on this trip.