Right Under the Wire / by Heather Kapplow

Geez, May is about to slip away, isn't it? You'd think I'd have tons of time to write in here because I'm not making art but you'd be wrong on both counts.

I'm helping make other people's art non stop, and I'm starting to plan my next real art project, which is scheduled for the Fall. Actually, there may be one before that.

I want to write here about how my work life and art life are blurring.


Whoops. I started (and titled) this post "Right Under the Wire" because I really truly thought I'd finish writing it by May 31st, but I was wrong. May didn't almost slip away, it actually did.

That's okay. The title is still appropriate if you imagine the wire to be the line between making art and not making art that I'll be continuing to limbo under via RFAOH through July.

Meaning that I've got a ton of non-art going on: Next week I've got work (that is not art) in two shows in New York—some video work that I consider "alternative journalism" will be a part of the STROBE Network project and some food and drink that I consider recipe testing rather than art will be cooked/mixed as a part of the Menu For Mars Kitchen project.

I've also just begun developing the plans for the creation of an immersive installation piece that I'll make between the end of July through October. It's for an exhibition that is at least tentatively called "the natural itstory museum" at the SPACES Gallery in Cleveland, OH. It will be up from late-November through January 2016.

What else? Oh, I have one small piece of art work that I made in December of 2014 that will be in a show in Provincetown, MA at the AMP Gallery at the end of July, and I've gotten involved in a film project that I'll probably be producing an event around there at the end of July as well. Plus lots of art-related writing and thinking for my "day" jobs...

That's it for now except that I promise to come back and update this post with a photo of the first draft of recipe testing for the "Jiminy Mac & Cheese" I'll be making at M4MSC within the next 48 hours...

Totally edible cricket-enhanced, mars pantry friendly mac & cheese.