Everything Looks Completely Different When it's Covered in Snow / by Heather Kapplow

It looks like I never got around to posting a second time in January as planned. Forgive me. I've been serving on the jury of a small film festival that I've been part of on and off for a few years and have had a bit of extra work-work within the last month (which was much needed.)

Also, like everyone else in the Boston area, I've spent all of my spare time shoveling the record breaking 7' of snow that mother nature has graced us with. I'm sore all over (like everyone else), my house is leaking (like everyone else's), and (like everyone else) everything I'd made plans in advance to do is completely discombobulated, but I have to admit that it's been like living inside of a super cool, state-wide art installation. There's a tension (a vague state of panic) that pervades every activity and all movement occurs within an endless, amorphously shaped white hedge maze.... When I left town briefly for a few days and then re-entered, it felt a lot like the way it feels to enter into an all encompassing contemporary art exhibition (like an art fair or a biennial or whatever.)

I should also remind you that If you want to keep up with my practice over the next few months, I am blogging about my (non) art endeavors at RFAOH. I'm still trying to find a tech fix, but so far I haven't been able to embed those posts here as I'd hoped I could, but will try to remember to link here to each new post there as soon as it goes live going forward.

Since last month, in addition to watching my bacteria grow a bit more (see below) and beginning the Residency for Artists on Hiatus, I participated as a reader of On Kawara's One Million Years at the retrospective of his work that is at the Guggenheim through early May. I will be reflecting on this experience in the RFAOH blog a bit more than I am doing here, but will say that it gave me a lot of food for thought. It also gave me a new favorite number: 812,300.

Finally, it's looking like the project that I was scheduled to be a part of via the Panolpy Performance Laboratory that had to be rescheduled from January to March due to weather issues, will continue to be postponed (and as mentioned before, possibly altered.) I'll update the event date and announce here when this is sorted out. Other than that, there's not too much news. I'm reading two cool books that I'm thinking will be of use to my future practice, one on smells and one on improvisation. I have some proposals I've submitted for various projects move from a first round of jurying to the second, and have made a potential in kind project supporter for a certain stream of work that I'm interested in pursuing after RFAOH, but this stuff is all too nebulous to write about at this point.

So that's all folks!