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"Dossier #2" (That Hollow Place) in Changing Allston Exhibit

Dossier #2  (detail)

Dossier #2 (detail)

About That Hollow Place:

That Hollow Place is a feminist collective whose main objective is the protection and preservation of hollow spaces against colonization of any kind. We assert the right of such spaces to remain hollow—that is, entirely unfilled—despite rapid global metastasization of the phallocentric ethos known as “development.” Towards this end, though we do document our subjects' (often precarious) existences and attempt to educate the public about their circumstances, we insist on obscuring details that might disclose their precise locations, or which could be used to identify them in their specificity. We present our findings in the form of case files and musical tributes.

About Changing Allston:

The Harvard Ed Portal’s Crossings Gallery is proud to present Changing Allston, an exhibition of works that reflect on Allston-Brighton’s landscape, people, and stories. Crossings Gallery’s exhibition, Changing Allston will reflect on the ways in which the neighborhood has changed over the last century, and how it continues to change even now. Changing Allston is curated by Eva Payne, a historian and curator earning her Ph.D. in Harvard’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences program in American Studies. Payne has worked on exhibitions of fine art including the Harvard Art Museums’ recent Corita Kent and the Language of Pop, as well as exhibitions of historical objects and archival materials. Closing Event on September 20 featuring a curator-led discussion with artists, performance by That Hollow Place, and conversation with the Brighton Allston Historical Society.