Hello. You have reached a website focused on the artistic practices of Heather Kapplow. If you are looking to learn more about me for more professional purposes, maybe head over to my LinkedIn page instead. (Or hop over to my blog or events page if you're looking to find out what I'm thinking about these days or doing right now.) 


This is where I'm supposed to put my artist's statement. I do have one. It's on my art CV which is never more than six months out of date. You can peek at it here and I will send a 100% up to date version to you instantly on demand.

I've given short synopses of every individual project's motivations throughout the site, so you'll know why I've done everything I'm presenting here, but my overarching ideas about my work and the mediums that I use sound very awkward to me when I put them into the 3rd person.

There is a potent strain of thought that argues that artists should be interpreted externally rather than by themselves anyway, so I would love to have anyone reading this who has had real life exposure to my work send along their interpretations of what they feel I'm up to and I'll post it here.

These are the most recent things people have said to me about my art-making that made me feel happy/like I'm on the right track:

"I'm completely humbled by your way of thinking, sensing and working. I haven't known you that long but I feel some kind of faith in you..... somehow ..... as first a person and also as an artist."

"I really liked the way that you made your piece. It was so quiet and gentle. I didn't know for a long time whether you were making an art piece or just being with me and hearing about my favorite kind of cake. I still don't know, but the thing you baked with the pears and the cardamom butter-carmel—I loved it! It was as good as the banana cake. It was so good!"

"That was the closest encounter I've ever had with a goose. It was thrilling!"


By now anyone reading this will have guessed one important thing about me: I am very writey for an artist. I write as a part of my arts practice, I practice art as a part of my writing, and I write scrabbly little notes to myself about writing things or making art whenever I am not making art or writing things.  

Another important thing to know about me is that I am not comfortable with things that remain in static states. They don't feel natural to me. Actually, it's stronger than that—they unnerve me completely.

If you genuinely want to know more about me or my work, you'll have to come back and read this page again someday. It's going to change. But I don't know when or how yet.

Meanwhile, thanks for reading.


Heather Kapplow (your host, and a work in progress just like everybody else.)